They are very good..

“I observed school during few years because of my sister’s children. I saw the results of system, stuff and atmosphere. They are very good.”

- Teresa -

School environment is very peaceful and clean..

“GREAT Montessori school. School staff is very friendly and professional, school environment is very peaceful and clean. We are very happy to be part of it. Highly recommend! :)”

-Vaida Kumar-

Excellent level of Montessori methods

“Great attitude for everyone. Excellent level of Montessori methods in daily routine and child’s personality growth.”


This school has many activities that are enriching..

“I like the idea of Montessori education system itself, but in this school we get even more benefits b/c English being the main language. I think it’s a good idea to teach English in early days to provide our child with the main tool (language) to access broader range of information in the future. The head of the school and the staff are really fantastic and devoted to children. They even go out of the backyard and explore further territories or to get the chance to play with teacher’s dog. I think this school has many activities that are enriching.”

-Nerija Kvietkauskiene-

Fantastic English language Montessori school

“This is such a fantastic english language Montessori school in 2 perfect locations in vilnius. Class sizes are so small which is great for the children. The teachers are so lovely and have a genuine bond with all the individual students. The school is truly Montessori from class room layout to principles of teaching and learning. Absolutely everything in the classrooms are at the child’s level. The method of discipline is kind and respectful. Everything is in english which is so important to some parents such as myself. I really can not recommend this school enough. It’s the best part about our life here in Vilnius.”

-Nargisa Elomaa-

This place is home to us..

“We are grateful to find our second family here. This place is home to us”

- Irina Tonsen -

Safe environment, great values, passionate and friendly community…

“So happy we’ve chosen this kindergarten for our son. Safe environment, great values, passionate and friendly community, forest, fruits and self-grown vegetables – heaven of Childhood. Dogs- cherry on a cake! Everything is so real here. Joy for our son, calmness and happiness for us. Thank you!”

- Toma Rožėnaitė -

Great gratitude to all teachers and staff of Montessori for their patience, love..

“When my daughter entered Montessori at the age of 2, she barely spoke a word or two of English and even wore diapers. At that time, she was extremely timid and shy. This year, she smoothly started her year as a 1st grader: she has strong self-management skills and takes care of herself in an orderly manner; she has great communication and logical thinking skills allowing her to communicate effectively with teachers and quickly making new friends; she has immeasurable learning and understanding skills allowing her to be proactive during class time. All of these skills have been accumulated gradually in the past three years in Montessori. Great gratitude to all teachers and staff of Montessori for their patience, love, and giving my daughter a happy, valuable, and colorful kindergarten-hood. I believe that the abilities and experiences gained from Montessori will benefit her for a lifetime.”

- 杨柳 -

Very professional teachers..

“We are really happy that we have selected Vilnius Montessori school for our son! Very professional teachers, safe and fun environment allows kids to explore and learn. Our kid enjoyed time spent there and every day wanted to come back to school to spend time with friends and teachers.”

-Aušra Gustė-

Our daughter developed excellent values..

“Our daughter developed excellent values which I believe will lead her to success in personal and professional life. Best Pre-School in Vilnius. Period.”


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