We host children of all nationalities who are between 1½ and 6 years of age. Most common ages at point of enrollment are between 1 ½ – 4 years.

Parents are encouraged to visit many schools before choosing the right school for their child.

To start the enrollment process to Vilnius Montessori pre-School we will organise a tour on a day of your choice at 12PM. The tour takes about one hour, and for the first visit we invite both parents to come alone, without their child.

If you are abroad and wish to reserve a spot for your child, please contact the office and we will advise you as to the procedure.

Vilnius Montessori pre-School hosts two Casa Communities for children ages 3-6, and one Toddler Community for children ages 1 ½ – 3 years.

Nursery groupKindergarten group
The nursery group has two different daily programs:The kindergarten group has three different daily programs:
Half-day program 5 days / week. 7: 30 -11:30p.m.Half-day program 5 days / week. 7: 30-12: 15 p.m.
Full day program 5 days / week. 7: 30-16: 00 p.m.Full day program 5 days / week. 7: 30-16: 00 p.m
Extended day group from 16:30 to 18:00. (Mon-Thu)